Vince McMahon has nothing but contempt for WWE’s own fans

Having Roman Reigns retire The Undertaker at WrestleMania was Vince McMahon’s way of shoving his dick down the throats of every smark who ever booed Reigns. 

Smarks are mostly the fans who have been watching WWE since we were children. We grew up cheering The Undertaker, buying merch and Pay Per Views when they were still $40 each. That’s decades of loyalty to the WWE we’re talking about.
Vince McMahon is so small and petty that he took one of our number one icons and retired him to the “wrestler” we hate the most. 

And now he’s going to act surprised that his fucking ratings are down. 

If McMahon had tried this crap during the Monday Night Wars, we’d be watching Nitro right now. As it is, the WWE is probably going to hand on because there’s just no serious competition. I’ve heard Ring of Honor is good, but they just don’t have the money to take on something like the WWE.

TNA… well, let’s face it. TNA is just a punch line at this point. 

This means McMahon has much less incentive to respect the fans, and as we’ve seen with the whole Reigns fiasco in the first place, respecting the fans is something Vince McMahon will not do unless he has absolutely no other choice.

I suspect there’s some self delusion involved as well. It’s been reported that WWE asked John Cena to come back early because of those ratings. McMahon knows better, but he’s the kind of ego maniac who will never admit to himself he’s wrong.

He’s probably going to start saying ratings are down because Reigns didn’t look strong enough against Braun Strowman. 
In the end, it’s become clear that our feedback and the will of the fans does not matter to Vince McMahon. Unless he finally gets it, which is unlikely, the loyal fans who have stayed with the WWE for decades are probably going to leave. 

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