Who’s gonna take that damn belt away from Lesnar?

Whoever wins the Fatal Five Way is almost guaranteed to be the next Universal Champion. Even Vince McMahon -probanly- isn’t stupid enough to let Lesnar retain and take the belt home so he can sit on ass for another three months.

But who’s it going to be? The WWE is pretty much making this up as they go along, or so it seems, so it’s anyone’s guess.

Finn Balor

The Demon King and enemy of my damn autocorrect. (It’s not “Baylor,” dammit!) Balor’s injury during the same match in which he became the first Universal Champion is historically tragic, and if Vince McMahon has anything resembling creative vision (he probably doesn’t), Balor will get the belt again.

But what makes that idea strange is that he just lost clean to Roman Reigns. How often do WWE superstars lose clean before a big match, let alone against someone who will be in that same match? 

If Balor  does win the match, they’re probably going to set up Reigns to say, “I beat you clean, I’m the number one contender.”

But I’m probably over thinking. Reigns wins at the expense of everyone else’s career because Big Papa Vince wants The Big Dog to look strong. 

Roman Reigns

I fart on your name, Roman! 

We all know it’s very possible. Reigns defeating The Undertaker, retiring The Undertaker, was Vince McMahon’s revenge against every smark that ever booed him. 

There are indications that maybe they want to calm down the hate, such as with those epic beat downs that Strowman gave Roman. But it is also very possible that Vince has gone back to the strategy of shoving Roman Reigns down our throats, very much like a dick, and expecting us to like it. 

Bray Wyatt

I admit to strong bias here. Bray Wyatt is my guy!

Wyatt has a lot of fans and there had been a lot of anger about how his character was handled. Four years of frustrations, then when they finally put the World Title on him, he lost it in a month. 0-3 at WrestleMania.

With his booking right now, I am cautiously optimistic. (I’ve gotten my hopes up before.)

There is a good chance that Wyatt will be the number one contender.

But I’m not going to renew my WWE Network subscription until AFTER that happens. 

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is at a point where another title run just seems natural. He’s conquered HHH and he’s probably nearing the end of his feud with Samoa Joe. 

Rollins has as good a chance as anyone, but if he doesn’t become the number one contender, I’m thinking his loss will be a way of building more on the rivalry with Joe

Samoa Joe

A force of destruction, the most physical wrestler to come out of NXT. Out of all the wrestlers competing in the Fatal Five Way, Joe is the only one that I legit believe could kick Brock Lesnar’s ass.  

If Joe does take the win, it’ll certainly lead to a Universal Title match to end the feud with Rollins. 

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