Did WWE Creative change its mind about House of Horrors?

As many fans have pointed out, moving Bray Wyatt to RAW made absolutely no sense. And because neither Roman Reigns nor Brock Lesnar are moving to SMACKDOWN, that means there’s no way the World Title will be moving to RAW any time soon.
Bray Wyatt’s “House of Horrors” rematch against Randy Orton was supposed to be for the World Title. It was understood (possibly misunderstood?) that it was still to be a World Title match after Bray’s move to RAW. Of course, that would have meant there was absolutely no way he could win.
The WWE has faced a heavy backlash from fans, both from Bray fans and smarks in general over the booking of Bray Wyatt. For a talent who could rival The Undertaker, the WWE consistently seems as if they have absolutely no idea what to do with him. The fans wanted him to have the belt, so they threw us a bone: a one-month title reign. 
But recently, the WWE announcers have made a point in acting like they know for a fact the belt will remain on SMACKDOWN. Fans in the groups have reported that the WWE has edited website promotions and erased all trace of HoH ever having been a World Title match.
To me, this probably means that the WWE is hearing the backlash and decided to give Bray Wyatt a victory.
This comes as small consolation, since he still isn’t getting the title back and probably won’t touch the Universal Title for at least a year now that he’s on The Roman Reigns show. 
What this says to me, most of all, is that the WWE had absolutely no clear long-term plan. They changed the HoH at the last minute and although I  glad of that, I doubt they put much more thought into Bray’s losing the belt and his move to RAW. 

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