What now for Bray?

I was disappointed with the end of Wyatt’s WrestleMania match against Randy Orton, but not nearly as mad as the majority of Fireflies.

I’ll tell you what’s probably the biggest thing that softened the blow of Bray losing the belt on WrestleMania: pinning John Cena clean in a triple-threat against Cena and AJ Styles to retain after Elimination Chamber. 

As a veteran Cena-hater (I hated his white rapper ass when he was still calling himself Sean Cena), this also did a lot to calm my anti-Cena tits. X-Pac revealed that it was Cena himself who insisted on eating the pin to get Bray over. 

Even so, I totally understand why so many fireflies have lost their collective shit. Bray is 0-3 at WrestleMania and that is not OK. It’s also true that WWE Creative has shown a pattern of building up Bray Wyatt and then just letting that momentum fizzle out.

A fan on the forums pointed out how the build up to WrestleMania also hurt him. “He’s lost his family, he’s lost the compound, he’s lost Sister Abigail and now he’s lost the belt.”

That all would have made him look great if he’d overcome it, but he didn’t. Those great tricks at WrestleMania didn’t even work.

Even so, I disagree with the conclusion that they can’t bring Bray back from that. If I was in WWE Creative, the next promo would go something like this.

I am lost. I am alone. I am desperate.

But none of these things are new to me, Randy.

I have sinned in pride! Do you understand me? I saw the respect and adoration that these normal people give to those in high places and I wanted that for myself. But no more, Randy.

The Eater of Worlds is returning to the purity of destruction and hate.

I’m glad you like that shiny new belt, Randy. Because I’m going to bury you with it.

But this is WWE Creative that’s making these decisions, so that’s probably a little too much to hope for.
Even so, the feud isn’t over. Bray might get the belt back. I reserve the right to lose my shit later, but for now, I’m going to see what happens.

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