Was it Undertaker’s idea or McMahon’s?

    Hearing the fans chant “Fuck you, Roman” was like a cold salve on a burn after the end of WrestleMania. 

    The Undertaker is the WWE’s greatest legend. We grew up cheering for him, us loyal fans who’ve attended the shows and spent our money. The Undertaker is The God of Wrestling.

    When Reigns won, and with everything building up to that, all I could think was that this was Vince McMahon’s revenge. McMahon is known to be petty and vindictive in real life. To let the wrestler we despise most retire the wrestler we revere the most seemed very much like McMahon was telling the WWE’s own most loyal fans to join the Kiss My Ass club.

    Actually, that’s way too gentle a way to put it. It felt like McMahon was shoving his dick down our throats.

    But just as I was getting ready to quit the WWE, someone told me it was all The Undertaker’s idea. If that’s true, it changes everything. Because if that’s true, it’s not about Roman Reigns or even the fans; it was about our most honored legend going out the way he wanted to.

    Why the fuck Roman? Because The Undertaker is a VERY nice guy in real life. He probably felt bad for Reigns for being so hated by the fans and wanted to make him a part of something very special for WrestleMania.

    I’m pretty sure he had absolutely no idea that the heat against Reigns would go nuclear.

    The theory about it being The Undertaker’s idea makes perfect sense to me. He’s one of those who’s so revered, even by Vince McMahon himself, that he’d definitely get to choose how he wanted to retire and against who.
If The Undertaker honestly and sincerely wanted it this way, that’s all I need to know. It’s The Undertaker’s retirement party, let him get James Ellsworth to retire him if he wants to.

But if it was Vince McMahon, then fuck Vince, fuck Roman Reigns and fuck the WWE.

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