To watch Wrestlemania or not?

The Undertaker is the WWE’s greatest legend. He’s on the verge of retirement and his Wrestlemania matches have always been sacred.

Win or lose, puttng Roman Reigns in a match against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania is an insult to the fans. We all know it, and the way JBL and HHH have been talking confirms it. They have no respect whatsoever for the fans who have spent decades, sometimes their entire lives, buying tickets to WWE shows and cheering for The Undertaker.

This insult had put a damper on the entire show, and this is especially frustrating for me because I’m a Bray Wyatt fan. He’s finally got  The World Title, after waiting in line behind John Cena, Roman Reigns and even fucking Sheamus.

Now I don’t have good internet in my area. My original plan was to buy the WWE Network and take my phone to town and use McDonald’s WiFi tonight. Alternatively, I could sneak into the office.

But the more I think about the Reigns vs Undertaker match and the attitudes displayed by HHH and JBL, I’m not sure I want to risk my job to watch a program run by people who have nothing but contempt for their own lifelong fans.

The season final of The Walking Dead is tonight anyway. It’s a tough one.

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