Meet Screwball, The Crazy Pony

Screwball only made a brief appearance in the background of “The Return of Harmony, Part 2,” but the (apparently) insane filly stood out. In a world of recolored background ponies, Screwball appeared with her own original hair design, a propeller beanie and swirling, hypnotized eyes. Rebecca Dart, artist for “My Little Pony” and art director for “My Little Pony: The Movie,” said in an interview that Screwball was the first character she ever designed for the series.

Though she had no lines and only one brief scene, a fan base quickly sprung up around the unstable floating earth pony. Fan fictions and fan art gave her an inconsistent backstory and paired her with a mother from the show: the mental patient, Screwy, who first appeared in “Read It and Weep.”

Her appearance in the background during Discord’s transformation of the world gave some fans the idea that she might be Discord’s daughter. Screwball appeared to be a young filly in the show, while Discord had previously been trapped in stone for a thousand years, but that issue could be easily hoof-waved because of Discord’s reality-warping abilities. A group of fans cemented the idea of their relation after composing a classic Brony song, “Daddy Discord.” The original song was directed by Sand Josieph with vocals from LonoVran, SiminaCindy and PhAnToMkIsS2008. BlockEraser provided the art.

This song further mutated with rendered artwork and cover songs, including a cover by EileMonty and Lanovran, who voiced Discord in the original song.

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