Marvel Writer Chuck Wendig Fired Over “Offensive” Tweets

Marvel writer Chuck Wendig, recently announced on Twitter that he’s been fired from Marvel Comics. Wendig joined many others on social media in condemning the Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.


Taking to Twitter, Wendig said he was fired for an issue with “civility.” Wendig said he’s been the target of harassment for several years and has had to warn his local police that he might be the target of a “SWATting attempt.”


Wendig expressed suspicion that other writers have been fired or had projects cancelled for political reasons. He named Chelsea Cain as an example, whose miniseries “The Vision” was recently cancelled.


He said Mark Paniccia, editor at Marvel Comics, fired him for “too much politics” and the “negativity and vulgarity in his tweets.” Wendig later mentioned the vulgarity in much of his own work prior to working with Marvel and the vulgarity in the Deadpool movies.


“It does set a troubling precedent,” said Wendig. “One we’ve seen already.” He mentioned James Gunn (fired by Disney over pedophilia jokes made years prior, and Star Wars writer Jessica White, who was fired for sharing an article titled “How White Women Use Strategic Tears to Silence Women of Colour.”


Wendig also expressed sympathy for others who have been harassed, including Marvel writer Heather Antos, who Wendig said has suffered much worse harassment than himself.


“I’m gonna be great, seriously,” said Wendig. He said very little of his income comes from comics to begin with and he has a long history as a novelist. Information on Wendig’s writing can be found at Terrible Minds.

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