Jake “The Snake” Roberts Warns Fans To Get A Refund After Being Scammed On A Booking

Jake “The Snake” Roberts is warning fans to get a refund for an event at which he and “Hacksaw Jim Duggan” were supposed to appear at June 11. Roberts said he and Duggan were scammed and will not appear at the event.


Roberts later clarified that this was not the fault of the hosting club but a middle man. The club, “Let’s Comedy,” said it does not yet know what happened but the problem seems to be an issue with management and not the promotion of the club’s events.


Roberts and Duggan tour events across the nation and Roberts recently appeared at Arkansas Comic Con.



Roberts, as part of his events and media, also promotes a small charity setup to fund Camp Hope, a charity for veterans. According to the video, one veteran hikes in order to raise funds for Camp Hope. According to Roberts’ pinned tweet on Twitter, donations can be sent to the paypal address jordan.camp.hope@gmail.com

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