The Exiles Return in April

Marvel Comics has announced that The Exiles, missing from our timeline for about four years, will make their return in 2018.

The original series starred Blink as the leader of the interdimensional team. Blink, from the Age of Apocalypse universe, joined Sabretooth (AoA) and alternate versions of Morph, Sunfire, Nocturn (the alternate universe daughter of Nightcrawler), Thunderbird and Mimic. Several died and were replaced.

The series, like many, ended with many unresolved plot points. Fans loved the mutant version of Sliders and all of the parallel Marvel Universes, though the original series did get a little crazy with Wolverine Publicity.

Have you got it out of your systems yet?

In the new series, Nick Fury is now known as The Unseen and can only observe Earth from the Moon. In order to save Earth from a new threat, The Unseen recruits a team of Exiles led by Blink to take down the big bad.

Writer Saladin Ahmed (who topped several “Best of 2017” lists for his work on Black Bolt) said the series is a “What If?” meets classic X-men.

And this team will feature a chibi cartoon Wolverine.

Exiles #1 will be on sale on April 11.

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