Time to Shake It Up with Bray Wyatt

Goldust Finn Balor The Demon

Future WWE Hall of Famer Bray Wyatt lost his most recent match with Finn Balor, putting the score at Balor 2 and Wyatt 1. (Bray won on a Raw before SummerSlam.)

But on last Monday’s Raw, a sound bite of Bray Wyatt laughing after Balor defeated Goldust hinted that Bray probably isn’t done. At least not with one of them.

Wyatt also had a thing against Goldust in the weeks leading up to No Mercy, wiping off Goldust’s makeup and accusing him of being a fake, using the makeup as a defense. Dustin Rhodes (Gholdust) took that personally and fought Bray as Rhodes the next week, rather than his alter ego, Goldust.

Wyatt won, but Goldust’s angst continues. Goldust took issue with Balor’s mention of Wyatt “victimizing” Goldust and others. After a verbal confrontation, Goldust attacked Balor, which led to the match mentioned earlier.

Rhodes returned to his Goldust persona for the verbal confrontation and the match, and Rhodes is very good on the mic as Goldust. In his own similar yet different way, Goldust is every bit as good on the mic as Bray Wyatt.

After three matches between Wyatt and Balor, the WWE would be wise to look for a way to shake it up if they do choose to continue the feud. Considering Goldust has mixed it up with both Balor and Wyatt, the WWE may intend to make the next fight a triple-threat.

Goldust’s addition to pretty much any feud has a lot of potential, but mixing Goldust with Wyatt has that in spades. Not to ignore Balor, but Wyatt and Goldust have the potential of creating incredible promos and cutting top-level monologues and dialogues. Balor is good on the mic, but the hammy characterized promos cut by Goldust and Wyatt would probably make Balor seem like the odd-man out if the WWE goes the triple-threat rout. But there are other possibilities.

The scene on Raw implied Wyatt would continue his feud with Balor, but maybe that laugh was directed at Goldust. A feud between these two would be interesting, though no one could really doubt the outcome, unless the WWE pulled a fast one and made Goldust the winner.

A one-on-one feud between these two would showcase their mic skills in the perfect way, pitting them against each other. But Goldust just lost clean to Wyatt twice and then lost to Finn Balor, so this might make it difficult for fans to get interested in the feud.

The last option, though bizarre, might work out perfectly: making Wyatt and Goldust a tag team.

This would be tricky, since Goldust just had a conflict with Wyatt. But the WWE could make it work by having someone come out to help Balor against Wyatt and/or Goldust and Kurt Angle booking a tag match and forcing Wyatt and Goldust together. The uneasy alliance could become an actual partnership that way.

Goldust and Wyatt are complete opposites in many ways, but sometimes opposites attract. And since fans have shown less enthusiasm for Wyatt, it’s time for a shakeup. Pairing Wyatt with Goldust would create unique dynamics between the two allowing both to explore their characters in ways neither have ever been able to.

Taking a step back from it all, one can see the possibilities in pairing in paring anti-society, anti-normalcy Wyatt with drag queen Goldust.

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