Big Cass Injury Possibly Legit

Big Cass appeared to suffer an injury during the Street Fight against Enzo Amore on Monday, Aug. 21. During the match, Cass went over the top rope to the outside of the ring and appeared to hurt his knee.

The match continued with Cass favoring the knee. His knee appeared to give out while attempting to use his finisher on Amore.

Many fans are skeptical that the injury is legit, and the WWE doesn’t always make it clear when an injury is a work. When Seth Rollins hurt his knee a second time, he confirmed the truth of his injury on Twitter. Cass, an infrequent Twitter user, has not posted about his injury as of this writing.

Enzo Amore has been on a losing streak against Cass. Many fans believe the injury was a work to allow Amore a win without making Cass look weak. 

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