All Bottled Up review

Bad Trixie! Stressing Starlight out like that. 

Trixie could probably benefit from a few friendship lessons herself. Although her behavior was a little easier to understand when you take into account her excitement when she was able to turn all of those things into teacups for the first time. 

But after that charming moment, this was the first episode where I felt like other characters had legit cause to be angry at Trixie. Her into episode was basically her getting run out of town for fighting back against hecklers and she was under the influence of The Alicorn Amulet in the second episode. 

The Mane 7 (minus Spike) side plot seemed more like filler, but was a cute comedic offset to Starlight Glimmer’s repressed rage. 

I’m sure we’ve all felt the way Starlight Glimmer was. But one thing she got wrong at the end, she didn’t  completely hide it. She told Trixie what a thing it was to make that map disappear and anyone should have been able to tell from her tone of voice how freaked out she was. 

Trixie knew. She had to have been acting that way, trying to play it off because she was hoping Starlight would just giggle about her personality and let it go. 

And the last line of the show hung a lampshade on Starlight Glimmer’s continued magic mistakes. If they didn’t keep making those mistakes, how would they have fun?

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