Possible Total War: Warhammer III Leak Shows Customizable Demon Lord

By Joshua Waddles

17 Jan 2022

A user on r/TotalWar posted a screen grab which he says shows the nineth legendary lord for Total War: Warhammer 3: a demon prince with a fully customizable appearance. Information from Reddit is always sus, but the user posted a very convincing screen grab which appeared to show the legendary lord with all of his options for customization. According to the post, which can be found here,

The demon prince, named The Godslayer, can be equipped with a hammer, a sword or a giant claw as his weapon. Players can also customize every part of his body, offering more than just aesthetic changes. Customization options reflect the gifts of Chaos and can make The Godslayer more powerful.

The user posted a link to a Russian gamer site, which he said leaked the information. The link turned up a 404 not found page, but the user posts what he said was the translation of the page which gives the information. He said the player, playing as this lord, can play ass Chaos Undivided or serve under one of the Chaos Gods: Tzeentch, Khorn, Nurgle or Slaanesh. The method seems similar to that utilized by the Norsca faction, dedicating cities (rather than ruins, in the case of Norsca) to a Chaos God and performing sacrifices. The Gods of Chaos will reward the player with weapons and body parts in exchange for these sacrifices which the player can use to customize the lord or unlock specific units and buildings.

This customization feature appears to be a faction-specific mechanic, such as Grom the Paunch’s Cauldron or Throt the Unclean’s Flesh Laboratory. Customizable factions might not be in the cards, even if this post proves correct, but not impossible. One could always pray to Tzeentch.

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