Disney Drops Angry Joe From Maker Network

Joe Vargas, host of The Angry Joe Show, announced via Twitter on Tuesday, Dec. 10, that Maker Network/Disney Digital dropped him from their network. Vargas said he was informed of this decision via email, which came out of nowhere after years with no communication from the network at all.

In the email, Maker Support gave no explanation as to why the network chose not to renew Vargas’ contract. They said the agreement would remain valid until Dec. 31.

The email also told Vargas that some of his videos would be automatically claimed by Maker. The email claimed this would be a temporary issue, which would resolve its self once YouTube finishes processing the release.

Though shaken by the sudden release and worried about his future monetization, Vargas said in a later tweet that the release would probably be for the best. He said the network hadn’t spoken to him in years before the email and contributed nothing to his show other than to take a cut of his earnings.