Group Claiming #MeToo to Censor Steam Games Retweets Anti-LGBT+ Conspiracy Theorist

Valve recently announced a more “hands off” policy to policing content, a policy which seemed to amount to allowing everything except the most extreme violations (illegal content or “straight up trolling.”) Mere days before this announcement, Valve sent warning letters to several creators demanding they remove the adult content from their games or risk removal.

This reversal indicates argument within the upper ranks of Valve, which the company admitted to in its press release.

Before the reversal, when it seemed Valve would crack down on adult games, one anti-porn group claimed victory. This group, now calling its self The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, called its self Morality in Media until 2015 when it changed its public name. Morality in Media started in the 1960s by a Lutheran minister who was horrified when he discovered teenage boys trading Playboys and has spent all of its years since then attempting to enforce Christian values in the media until changing its name in 2015. Now claiming the #MeToo movement and using #rapeculture hashtags, NCOSC is devoted almost exclusively to censoring anything it deems pornographic, the exception being one retweet related to sexual abuse of children overseas by aid workers.

The group has made outlandish claims. Recently the group accused Netflix of airing child pornography and the group claimed pornographic video games train boys to become future sex offenders, and in the article celebrating the (supposed) removal of Hunipop, the group claimed Steam adult games contain rape, child abuse and incest. Hunipop, the subject of this article, contained none of those things, according to those who play it.

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Although the group asserts its attempts to censor pornography are motivated by a need to protect women and children, the group frequently retweets anti-porn advocates who condemn pornography in the name of religion. Some of them, along with condemning porn, also advocate against other things they deem to be unacceptable to their god. Defeated with their war against Valve, the group has moved onto iBooks and streaming services.


It should be noted that NCOSE has never retweeted anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim tweets, but has retweeted shows of support from those who seem to be against minority rights.


This particular supporter claims racism in his condemnation of certain books by iTunes, but the tweets on his own profile raise certain questions.





  • Note: The person in this article is accused of harassing people at a Pride parade and has been previously convicted of hate speech for harassing people with anti-gay slurs.



  • Because of course.

In addition to Walter (shown above), NCOSE also retweeted Jon, who said he is a doctor who treats sex offenders in prison. Jon said that every single sex offender he’s ever treated were daily consumers of pornography.


But Jon also made other claims on his Twitter account.


It can be argued that NCOSE likely didn’t see these Tweets, but organizations, especially political organizations, have learned to be careful when retweeting shows of support. NCOSE has already been accused of hijacking #MeToo conversations in order to covertly push a conservative Christian agenda, and these two bloggers they retweeted only give more reason to question the motives of NCOSE.

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