Minecraft 1.2.5 Beta Incorporates Mixer Create, Live Streaming on Mobile

Minecraft 1.2.5 beta incorporates Mixer, allowing Minecraft players to live-stream video to viewers and even allow viewers to use Minecraft’s command buttons to influence the user’s game. Some wise guy might spawn a ghast to watch the players run for their lives, or just mess with the weather.

For Android and iOS, Mixer Create is a platform for mobile broadcasting. Minecraft 1.2.5 beta will incorporate Mixer directly into Minecraft, making it easier for players to broadcast from the game. Versions for Windows 10 and Xbox One will be out by Oct. 28.

To begin using Mixer Create on Android, download the Mixer Create app and open the Minecraft beta. Tap on the “settings” button in Minecraft and scroll down. Tap “broadcast” and “launch Mixer Create.” A pink button will then allow users to start the broadcast.

Players will be able to move the Mixer Create broadcasting bar anywhere and toggle the front facing camera and microphone on or off. Users can chat with viewers and use in-game chat to see the broadcast’s viewer count.

Expect to see many more mobile games incorporate Mixer. The platform allows any game developer to add Mixer interactivity to their games easily by adding a few lines of code.

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