Why Guest Blog? Guest Blog Posts Can Rank Your Own Blog Higher on Google Search Results

Google rank for your blog, fanfic or website is a complicated thing, but one of the most effective ways of getting your blog higher on Google results is backlinking. When other websites link to your blog or a specific post, Google’s algorithms take that into account when ranking a page in search results.

In order to increase the numbers of these backlinks, many website owners have found great results with guest posting on other blogs. Through this method, you write an article for another blog and include a link to your own blog in the article.

For those interested in guest posting on The Southern Nerd, please send submissions to thesouthernnerd2016@gmail.com.

Please include your pen name and blog address, or social media links.

Subjects can be pretty much anything related to nerd entertainment. Guest contributors can write articles about My Little Pony, Warhammer 40K, Nintendo, WWE, IT for example, or anything related to movies, anime, cartoons, comics or games.

The Southern Nerd asks for exclusive digital distribution rights for only one month after publication (meaning, if your article is accepted, you wait 30 days before publishing the article in other places) and The Southern Nerd asks for non exclusive digital or print publication after that (meaning The Southern Nerd can keep the article on the website and/or republish it in print or electronically.)

The Southern Nerd reserves the right to edit your article.

Submissions should mostly be safe for work, but there can be a little flexibility depending on context. If you’re not sure about your idea for an article, feel free to query at thesouthernnerd2016@gmail.com.

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