Daring Done Does NOT Mean MLP is Done

Hasbro is a warrior with those leaked episodes. They’re going to give HBO a run for their money.

“Daring Done” was leaked early when someone at Hasbro (I’m guessing Derpy) accidentally uploaded the wrong episode on Hasbro’s YouTube channel.

I’m guessing this won’t cost them much money, since Hasbro is uploading their own shows on YouTube in the first place.

How do they benefit from that, I wonder? Maybe an effort to spike interest before the movie?

Anyway, this episode showed Daring Do facing the one foe few superheroes ever meet: consequences for the property damage they cause. Daring revealed this to Rainbow Dash after she and Pinkie Pie confronted her about A.K. Yearling’s announcement that she would not write another Daring Do novel.

This moment scared me badly, because I thought it was going to be Hasbro’s secret message to Bronies that the show is ending.

But with the developing plots, I now think this is not the case.

Anyway, Daring, Rainbow and Pinkie took a trip to Daring’s stomping grounds in a nation called Somnambula and they confirmed that, yep, they hate her for destroying a sacred statue.

But a robed figure fanned those flames of discontent by whispering into locals’ ears. Guess who this turned out to be!

  • What’s up, Doc?

Anyway, the interference of this master of disguise, through his own attempts to further discredit Daring (more than the destruction of the statue, which she really did do), gave Daring a chance to show her good intentions to the villagers.

If he’d just left it alone, he probably would have won by not doing anything. No accounting for greed, I suppose.

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