Is Luke Harper Making His Return?

Luke Harper signed off Thursday’s daily “You know what that means” tweet with “IAB.”

Many followers believe they do know what it means. Hopefully, it means “I am back.”

Luke Harper has been missing from television for about two months now. The WWE has never really given fans an explanation, though blogs with insider connections predicted months ago that the WWE just plain had no plans for either Harper or Erick Rowan.

Other fans pointed out IAB could stand for “I attacked Breezango.”

SmackDown gave us a comedy relief mystery about the “mysterious attackers” of Fandango and Tyler Breeze.

If true, this might confirm predictions that Harper and Rowan will return as tag team partners. Although Luke Harper has indicated a desire to wrestle in singles competition, this might be the best way to get screen time for either of them in the crowded SmackDown show.

It also leaves open the possibility of them winning the Tag Team Titles in a division that has little to offer in the way of interesting competition. (The obvious exceptions have already had the belts several times.)

But then again, there are still other things IAB might stand for.

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