PayPal Outage Leaves Customers Hanging, Waiting For Funds Received

By Joshua Waddles

20 May 2021

Social media blew up Thursday after a PayPal outage caused sent money to disappear. Users reported either sending money, or having money sent to them, yet the money did not reflect in the recipient’s balance even after the sender received a conversation that the money was sent.

Users contacted PayPal through the company’s Twitter account to either ask for help or let their feelings be known. At least one user (the writer of this article) spent 25 minutes on hold with PayPal’s customer support before hanging up. The automated system reported higher than usual calls.

Websites, such as Down Detector, reported PayPal outages for the day, with the majority of reports involving the receiving of money and a little over 20 percent involving logins.

Users logging into their PayPal accounts, at the time of this article’s publication, see no warning about the disruption in service. But a separate page, PayPal-Status, explains the situation.

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