Titans Season 3 Includes Arkham Asylum Episode

Set photos from Toronto Filming revealed a small spoiler for Titans, Season Three. Having survived the pandemic (which delayed Season 3) and the move from DC Universe to HBO Max, the next season promises the continued evolution of Jason Todd and at least one visit to the most notorious place in the DC Comics franchise, Arkham Asylum.

At the time of this writing, details on the Arkham episode are basically nonexistent. But considering one episode in the season will have the title “Arkham,” it’s a pretty safe bet the team will have an extended interaction with the facility.

From information released late last year, we also know Jason Todd will be returning as Red Hood. Creators revealed a costume design concept for Red Hood and it was revealed at a panel at FanDome in August that Todd will be an antagonist in the new season, acting on his obsession to “take down” his former team.

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