Twitch Streamer MasonDota2 Banned for 7 Days

For the fourth time, Twitch streamer Mason (MasonDota2) announced a seven-day ban. Mason, a streamer known for streaming Defense of the Ancients, announced the ban on Thursday, April 12, saying his ban resulted from the “accidental usage of a naughty word.” He did not say what the word was.

Streamer Bans reports Twitch banned Mason three times before his fourth ban on April 12. His first ban happened on May 7 of 2020 and lasted for three days. Mason announced this on his Twitter, but did not give the reason. His second banned happened on July 29 2020 and lasted for another three days, and his third ban occurred in on January 2, 2021, lasting one week. He gave no reasons for the other bans, but told fans to “stay based” and “clap” on TwitLonger.

Mason started his career in Dota 2 in 2013 with the team Take Five, taking the first position with teammates Arteezy, DeMoN, Pandaego and Darkfalco, and he later joined Evil Geniuses, helping the team qualify for the Star Ladder Series, Season 9 after an arm injury forced Fear to retire.

His career continued with the High Council of Wizards and Priests, Doo Wop and finally, Team Onyx in 2017. He’s won multiple tournaments and earned an estimated $335,493 as of 2020.

He also runs a YouTube channel, which remains unbanned as of the date of this article’s publication.

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