I Fart on the Name of Vince Russo

I didn’t have a whole lot going for me as a teenager. I was at the very bottom of the pecking order in school, home life sucked. Pretty much the brightest spot of my week was watching WcW.

And son of a bitch Vince Russo completely destroyed it.

From the arrogance of his interviews, it’s obvious he doesn’t give a rats ass how many people loved the league that he ruined. He claims the criticism comes from jealousy.

This asshole put the world title on David Arquette and started this ridiculous “New Blood” vs “Millionaires Club” storyline, made the show unwatchable until they held the last Nitro in a mall. Completely destroyed the biggest thing to happen to wrestling since the WWE, and he fucking laughs it off.

Doubly unbelievable is that he kept getting work after that. I honestly can’t blame Russo for the destruction of TNA. Anyone stupid enough to bite Russo after what he did to WcW deserves to lose their money, and then deserves to get kicked in the bean bag with steel-toed boots.

The dumbasses even rehired him in secret once, after letting him go, because they apparently thought the fans would like his 13-year-old fanfiction-quality plots if they just didn’t know he was the one who wrote them.

Russo defends himself by saying WcW was already sinking. Yeah, but to compare it to a metaphor: if you row up to a guy who’s drowning and shoot him in the head, it’s still fucking murder, isn’t it? Maybe that guy could have swam to shore, and maybe WcW could have saved its self if not for Vince Russo.

Wrestling has never been as good as it was during the Monday Night Wars. It’s still sometimes really good, but we will never recapture those moments-those moments ended early by the M Night Shyamalan of wrestling.

For that, I fart on the name of Vince Russo.

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