Why does Vince McMahon hate beards?

SMACKDOWN was pretty decent this week. Battleground was a let down, but SMACKDOWN has mostly been pretty good. Talented wrestlers, interesting title feuds, it’s a great place to showcase one of the most amazing in-ring performer the WWE has ever seen.

Except we haven’t seen Luke Harper in several fucking weeks!

Daniel Bryan, general manager of SMACKDOWN, has said Luke Harper was wasted while he was out on paternity leave. Bryan may be the guy to give us Harper in the feud he deserves. 

But there’s one huge problem: Vince McMahon. McMahon is one of those arrogant, not to smart rich assholes who hates to lose. He has a long history of being petty and vindictive, as shown with having Roman Reigns retire The Undertaker (A dick down the throat of every fan who ever booed Reigns).

As for Daniel Bryan, fan backlash (The Yes Movement) forced McMahon to give up his own plans to put the World Title on Batista. That same movement was the primary reason why the fans hated Roman for winning the Royal Rumble instead of Daniel Bryan. Vince probably would have had to end that failed push early if Bryan hadn’t got hurt.

Unconventional talent, bushy beard, amazing in the ring: who does that remind you of?

Does Vince McMahon fear another Yes Movement will derail his plans on either the World Title or The Universal Title? 

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah he does.

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