Molesting Muppet Shows Cosplay is Not Consent

Police and convention security are searching for a blue puppet named Melvin who grabbed a woman’s backside. Cosplay is not consent, Melvin! 

In a video by Two Geeky Guys, Melvin the Molesting Muppet got the taste slapped out of his mouth after slapping an ass at a convention. Despite the objections of the adorably British narrator, little Melvin chose to get touchy when he saw a woman dressed as his favorite character, Avril Lavign. 

“Don’t be a Melvin,” said the narrator. 
The full video went on to educate on other “consent” subjects, such as photobombing and grabbing props. 

Melvin (“The Molesting Muppet” is not part of his actual name) is part of a project by the Two Geeky Guys who have a kickstarter for puppet videos, which will include PSAs, music videos and sketch comedy. The Two Geeky Guys already run a successful YouTube channel with over 3,000 subscribers and 162 videos. 

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