You Can’t Blame SJWs for Bad Writing

Marvel SJW invasion

The modern audience enjoys seeing compelling minority characters. This is not so much a matter of being offended as it is about a growing awareness of other points of view. A skilled creator who enjoys these characters as much as the fans do can incorporate these ideas and characters in a way that makes for good writing and an interesting character fans fall in love with.

But a bad writer caving to pressure or attempting to score cheap points with a liberal audience will create crap.

Many fans, having witnessed the complete destruction of Marvel Comics, which they’ve loved since childhood, have started getting defensive when they see one of their hobbies including more diverse ideas. But if that feared ruin actually happens, the blame has to rest on the creators and/or producers. The decline of Marvel, frequently blamed on bloggers and “social justice” articles, is due entirely to the executives and the writers.

Marvel’s failure is not in its inclusiveness, Marvel has always been inclusive and pro-minority, and Marvel has done that since before the cultural shift to the left. In the 90s and early 2000s, Marvel even embodied a nearly perfect example of good, well-thought out, inclusive characters such as North Star, Bishop and Mystique.

The current Marvel’s failure is in suck, as shown in the picture above. (If you don’t know the one on the right, that’s America Chavez. She’s Latino, LGBT+, and that’s it. No other selling point unless unless you think One Punch Man is too much of a sissy.)

The Marvel writers stopped caring about the characters and focused on kowtowing to the vocal, non-fan invaders of the fan community. The writers are hell-bent on making a political point at the expense of the quality of their work and they don’t understand that they could make that point better with good writing, as Marvel writers have done in the past.

That’s not to say that their invading toxic fanbase, derisively labeled “SJWs”, won’t find reasons to be offended with previous characters and writing in Marvel. A frequent criticism leveled at these SJWs (in this case meaning internet trolls rather than all liberals) is that they are impossible to please. Now that franchises are including more LGBT+ characters, these trolls cry “sexualization” over kissing scenes or cry censorship over the lack of kissing scenes. And fans of certain shows, such as The Walking Dead, have cried bigotry over the death of characters they like and attempted to force writers to sign a pledge agreeing to a list of demands on how they write gay characters. Marvel gives in to these demands, but not all franchises do.

And although it may seem like it, SJWs did not invent this sort of fan entitlement. Members of so many different fandoms can point to ridiculous demands made by fans that have absolutely nothing to do with politics or representation of minorities. This phenomenon is inevitable whenever a TV show or comic experiences its early surge of popularity and really, the only difference between these fans and SJWs is that these fans don’t typically accuse writers of bigotry to get their way.

But as the aforementioned “Lexa Pledge” has shown, creators do not have to give in to these demands just because trolls want to accuse them of bigotry. SJWs, like all trolls, will eventually get bored and go away.

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