SJWs, Once Again, Attacking Joss Whedon

Well it looks like another SJW jihad, folks. The Mary Sue, the flagship blog of all entitled SJWs, has once again gone after their favorite target: Joss Whedon.

This move came after Kai Cole published an essay accusing Whedon, her ex husband, of having multiple physical and emotional affairs with fans and actresses. If these allegations are true, more power to Cole. She, much like Uma Thurman, deserves her revenge.

But The Mary Sue is nothing but a blog of PC trolls who gleefully descended on this matter like flies on a dog turd.

And it’s all because they don’t ship Black Widow with Bruce Banner, and they got triggered seeing that on Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Mary Sue, not to long ago, was the most infamous blog for being offended by absolutely everything they ever saw. The writers seemed to have absolutely no idea how to review a comic or TV show unless they found a reason to be offended. This is a powerful blog, with millions of Facebook followers, and they’ve gotten comic book covers censored before.

After Trump’s election, they seemed to understand what they’d done. Don’t confuse me with a Trump supporter at this point, I absolutely despise that orange Nazi. The point is The Mary Sue writers started to understand that the backlash against their ridiculous censorship jihads helped get that Nazi elected.

Since then, I’ve liked almost all of the articles they ever wrote. Say what you will, but they’re good writers.

But ever since I first realized we were going to defeat Trump, I’ve had a fear. All of those triggered censorship jihadis who do nothing but push #CancelEverythingGood hashtags have not grown up. They’re hiding under their beds waiting for the Nazis to go away, then they’re going to pop out and attack the same people (sane liberals) who won this fight in the first place, just like they did with Ellen DeGeneres and Whedon.

Because they don’t go after actual racists. Hell no, those people are scary. They attack liberals and just call them racists or misogynist.

I was hoping, at the very least, they’d wait until after the election. But no. They saw the protesters outnumbering the racists by the thousands in Boston (They saw this on Tumblr because they stayed home, just like they did on election day) and they said, “Hey! The grown ups beat Trump for us! We can go back to being whiney, entitled, emo, rancid, obnoxious SJW trolls again!”

And anyone who calls them on it is a woman-hating racist.

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