Rebecca Sugar forced to apologize after SJW temper tantrum 

Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, has been forced to apologize over concept art over a character named Concrete (Or Concret) after an SJW shit fit on Reddit. One triggered blogger posted the concept art, which was actually drawn by Lamar Abram (who is black) with a picture of an actor in black face and harped on Concrete’s big lips and exaggerated frame.

No word on if this Redditer was offended by Garnett. 

The character description of Concrete describes her as shy, fast but not strong, and illiterate. 

Ok, I kind of get the reaction over that last part. But even so, are artists not allowed to explore illiteracy? How about autism? Dyslexia, or mental illnesses?

Illiteracy is still a problem in the United States and you can be sure that some Steven Universe fans are probably illiterate. It’s sad for them that they almost had a character to make them understand that they don’t have to be ashamed, but it was taken away because some fuck head was offended.

It’s worth noting that, in my experience, SJWs are almost always white too. I say they’re the ones who are racist, because they think they’re some kind of white saviors protecting African Americans from evil fucking cartoons by bitching online. 
As far as political correctness goes, Steven Universe is the most polarized fan base that I have ever seen. The two SU fan groups I follow are basically troll communities. This is likely retaliation after out of control SJW harassment that led to the attempted suicide of Zamii070, who was targeted by a Twitter mob of frothing SJWs after she drew a thin Rose Quartz. 

Hopefully, this recent SJW bullshit will lead to a massive surge of Concrete fan art. I also tweeted my support to @RebeccaSugar, who absolutely should not have been forced to apologize for someone else being offended.

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