The meaning of SJW is changing

Whenever I see some stupid article about cultural appropriation or micro aggressions, I always comment on how the damn SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) are constantly looking for stupid things to be offended by.

But more and more, I’ve been seeing comments like “I’m an SJW and that didn’t offend me at all. You can’t blame all SJWs for those lunatics.”

Those lunatics were who I was talking about.

The term “SJW” didn’t always mean all liberals. Previously, the term applied only to liberal elitists who somehow feel like they’re one upping normal people by finding things to be offended by.
But the trolls, who probably invented the term, have been using SJW as an insult against all liberals. By implication, the trolls were basically saying that people who are against the boarder wall and for gay marriage are the same as these triggered college kids who spend all their time trying to get Colbert canceled.
This caused liberals to adopt the term. Probably because they love the sound of it. Although “Social Justice Warrior” was meant to be ironic, but it just sounds cool.

So maybe it’s a good thing that real activists have taken that name away from the butthurt brigade. Even ironically, I’ve always felt like the term was just too positive. We need a new acronym. Something like “Constantly Offended Crybaby Killjoys” (COCKS).
Barring that, I think PC Principal might work in a pinch.

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